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Fiberglass canteen table 

You can save cost as you are not require to change canteen table frequently. Fiberglass canteen table can last for years as it can withstand wear and tear of daily usage. When you considering purchase canteen table sets, fiberglass is utmost suitable because heavy usage of people day to day especially when you place fiberglass canteen table in factory, school, education centre and public space.

You also might consider fiberglass canteen table sets as it is space efficient. Fiberglass canteen table sets can squeeze up to 9 people in one table which save your places. We also produce 2,4,6,8 seater canteen table which only fit minimum of 2 person in one table up to 8 people in one table. We will giving you recommendation and customizing the table size based on how big is your place and requirement to allow maximum flexibility and movement. Imagine when your school, factory, educational canteen can fit a lot of people in one table, they can have a pleasure dining experience and promote collaboration between themselves.

You can impress your clients, staff with Modern and contemporary design of canteen table. We have a lot of style, color and size to choose from. You can customize your canteen table and chair color separately in our website to give you better imagination of your ideal design. We can also provide you free styling advise based on our 30 years experience. Besides, we proudly introduce our marble texture design fiberglass table top since 2018. Marble's timeless appeal will make it a table that is always in fashion. Marble style and wood style always a big invesment, but we offer alternative affordable options available to our clients. We invented texture surface table top such as marble, granite, wood etc as alternative to further enhance your interior design.

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